Star in Edgar County Courthouse - Paris, IL

Brief Description:
This star marks the exact center of the town from the 1820s.
Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL
Latitude / Longitude
N 39° 36.694
W 087° 41.749
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1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Submitting Group:
IDEAS Class - Carolyn Wenz Elementary School
Date Submitted
The star in the Edgar County Courthouse marks the center point of the landed donated to found the City of Paris.
Long Description

When we went to the courthouse, we saw a star in the center of the building. When people founded this town, there was a big Jack Oak tree where our courthouse is now. The Jack Oak tree was struck by lightning. The courthouse that we use now was made in 1891 in the exact same position as the Jack Oak Tree. The star in the center of the courthouse was made and put in the center for years. After a while, laws required something for handicapped people to get around in the courthouse. They put in a new elevator where the star used to be. When they dug up the elevator, they found the roots from the Jack oak tree that used to be there. When they found that, they really wanted the star to be there. So, they put the star in the elevator so that way, no matter high up it was, it would always be in the center of the courthouse.

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