Edgar County Courthouse - Paris, IL

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This star marks the exact center of the town from the 1820s.
Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, IL
Latitude / Longitude
N 39° 36.694
W 087° 41.749
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1 out of 5
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IDEAS Class - Carolyn Wenz Elementary School
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The Edgar County Courthouse is designated as an historically important site.
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The Edgar County courthouse is the third courthouse in Paris, Illinois. It was built in 1891 to replace the second courthouse which was destroyed by fire. Before Paris was founded, a huge jack oak tree stood on the spot. A sign on the tree showed all pioneers that the spot would soon become a town in this part of the state. The courthouse is built of sandstone, and the steps show grooves where many people have entered over the years. The top part of the courthouse is not stone at all. It is really wood covered up with metal that was shaped to look like stone. At the top is Lady Justice. She is starting to lean over because the wood underneath is in bad shape. Our town is planning to repair Lady Justice and the courthouse so it will look beautiful for many more years. It will be really expensive, but we think it will be worth it to save lady Justice!

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