Illinois Historical Markers
An EcoCaching Challenge!

Historical markers identify, honor and commemorate the important places, people, and events that have contributed to the state's rich heritage. Historical markers are our windows to the past. Historical markers can be a vital education tool, informing people and students about the most significant aspects of Illinois' past.

Historical markers in your area are excellent examples of EcoCaches that could be posted on this web site. In fact there might be additional historical markers that people are not aware of that should be listed. Below is a link with a simple description of historical markers by county in Illinois. If you notice, there are counties that do not have any historical markers. The question is: Are there any for those counties?

It would be easy to add the latitude and longitude for the marker as well as a picture and possibly a longer description of it. Happy hunting!

To list a local historical marker in your area, have your students investigate and collect the following data:
  • Picture of the marker so the text is legible - we will resize it for the web page.
  • Picture(s) of the location or features around it.
  • Coordinates in the standard form of lattitude and longitude.
  • The county name where the marker is placed.
  • A detailed description of the site that the students can submit. Example: What happened there? Text from the marker is great but the students can use their own words to describe the location. Let the students tell about their experience, thoughts, what they learned from the site or anything else they feel they want to share from their visit. Give a location in your area a voice as well as making your mark on the world for your community!
  • Optional: Include a related website.
  • Optional: A sound file or video clip created by the students.
Found a historical marker that isn't posted in the list below? Please report it here!
Illinois Historical Marker's Page
Sponsored by the Illinois State Historical Society
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