GIS + GPS = Illinois State Standards

Illinois Social Studies
#14 Political Systems

The following information should be helpful to exploring the relationships to GIS, GPS and the state standards. The world of geography is a very encompassing subject. Besides geography, when looking at the standards below, try to relate them to other subject areas as well.

STATE GOAL 14: Understand political systems, with an emphasis on the United States.

Illinois Social Studies Standards covered below --> ( 14F ).

Why This Goal Is Important: The existence and advancement of a free society depend on the knowledge, skills and understanding of its citizenry. Through the study of various forms and levels of government and the documents and institutions of the United States, students will develop the skills and knowledge that they need to be contributing citizens, now and in the future.

Learning Standard
14F. Understand the development of United States political ideas and traditions.
Early Elementary
14.F.1 Describe political ideas and traditions important to the development of the United States including democracy, individual rights and the concept of freedom.
Late Elementary
14.F.2 Identify consistencies and inconsistencies between expressed United States political traditions and ideas and actual practices (e.g., freedom of speech, right to bear arms, slavery, voting rights).
Middle & Junior
High School
14.F.3a Analyze historical influences on the development of political ideas and practices as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Illinois Constitution.
Early High School
14.F.4a Determine the historical events and processes that brought about changes in United States political ideas and traditions (e.g., the New Deal, Civil War).
Late High School 14.F.5 Interpret how changing geographical, economic, technological and social forces affect United States political ideas and traditions (e.g., freedom, equality and justice, individual rights).

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