GIS + GPS = Illinois State Standards
National Standards
The following information and links are for more information related to the state standards. This page is under development. Check back often for updates. We are also open to additional suggestions, links and information that is tied into the Illinois State Standards.
Check out the National Council for Geographic Education's website. You'll find the national geography content standards on-line there.
Check out the National Council of Teachers of Mathematic's website. You will find the national math standards in several formats.
The National Science Education Standards can be read online at the National Academy Press website or visit the National Science Standards Matrix page.
Check out the National Council for the Social Studie's website.
Illinois State Standards
The following information should be helpful to exploring the relationships to GIS, GPS and the Illinois State Standards. The subject areas below are areas were there are tie ins to GIS and GPS to the Illinois State Standards.

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