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Letter to parents explaining the project:

Dear Parents,

Travel Bugs are small items, stuffed animals or small toys which your child will send to various parts of the country. Each Travel Bug wears a "dog tag" which includes a serial and a note explaining its mission. Your child will send the Travel Bugs around the country through secret treasure caches hidden throughout the world by Geocachers. Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt using a GPS receivers. A Travel Bug is a new form of hitchhiker you can track on www.Geocaching.com. A hitchhiker is an item that is carried from cache to cache which you can follow its progress online. Finders of the Travel Bug can view its instructions, read it's journal, and add to it online. Each person who travels with the Travel Bug is asked to write a brief message about the area in the journal and upload a picture if possible. Students will be using map skills to plot the voyage of their individual Travel Bug.

Students will be writing a story/profile about their Travel Bug, beginning with a description of its background and its goal. Your child should decide the type of Travel Bug will make the trip. There is a possibility that the Travel Bug will not return, so this should be considered. The choice is up to your child. I would like to have all Travel Bugs, their packs and notebooks in the classroom by _______. They will be place in their first cache on the following weekend and begin their journey around the country.
Thanks for your help in this exciting project.