Student Tasks
Step 3: Type Up your Travel Bug's Goal(s)

Step 3: Type Up your Travel Bug's Goal(s)

Clearly state your Travel Bugs goal(s).

Explain that this is a class project and that you will be learning about geography as your Travel Bug moves.

Also mention the places or things that you would like your Travel Bug to visit.

Ask the people who find your Travel Bug to take pictures and write about the places or events your Travel Bug has visited or participated in.

You may use this paragraph and fill in the blanks if you choose or write your own letter.

My name is _____________. I am a Travel Bug from ___________school and I am from a _______grade class. This is geography project for my ________ class. I have been sent on a journey across the country. As I travel, the students from my class will plot my travels on U.S. and world maps. After logging me in, please hide me again in a new cache in a different area as soon as you can. Please take pictures of me in the places that I visit and send post interesting fact to help my owner learn about where I am.

My goal is _____________________ because ______________________.
I would like to return to my owner in __________ by June 1st.
Thanks for your help. Please don't keep me too long.